Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.The parent or/and student may cancel tuition by giving at least twenty four hours prior notice to the Tutor in which case no tuition fee will be incurred. Lessons not attended by student without giving 24 hours prior notice to the tutor shall be charged at the full rate.

2.Fees may be adjusted from time to time and shall become effective after having given the parent 30days written notice.

3.The tutor may cancel tuition after giving twenty-four (24) hours prior notice to the Tutor in which case no tuition fee will be incurred but the tutor shall reschedule tutoring appointment at a time agreeable by both parties(parent/student and teacher).

4.Fees are calculated according to the time schedule and no adjustment shall be made for time lost because of the late arrival of the student.

5.Male tutors are not to sit directly opposite a female student and vice-versa.

6 At least 50% of total fee must be paid within the first week of resumption and the remaining 50% paid on the first day of the third week of the same month to avoid termination of lessons.

7.Parent/Student is to provide a conducive space for teaching and learning within the home.

8.Questions and complaints from our clients should be channelled to management of Mathsbrain Professional Tutors through our email address or telephone in other to enable us take appropriate decisions.

  1. Students are expected to respect our tutors and vice-versa.

10.Tutors shall report acts of indiscipline from students to managements of Mathsbrain Professional Tutors to enable us take appropriate decisions.

11.Tutor and students dressing during lesson ours remain strictly formal.Female students are not allowed to wear bikinis during lessons.

12.Mathsbrain Professional Tutors will not be take responsibility for consistent poor performances of our students in school owing to inconsistency in doing assignments or attending classes.

13.Tutors may assist students do their school assignments.

14.This Tutoring Contract may be terminated by either party at any time by giving the other party  days prior written notice.


I, hereby, agree to the above terms and conditions .