By Bright Ituh

"Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love." – Stevie Wonder

Lula Hardaway is the mother of one of America's greatest musicians and songwriters, Stevland Hardaway (Stevie Wonder). She lived in a house Wonder bought for her in San Fernando Valley where she enjoyed a life of church going. Her beloved son was born blind and she married a man who abused her and forced her to work as a prostitute. So, how was a prostitute parent transformed into the greatest teacher for her son and how did her blind son suddenly become one of America's greatest pianist? The transformation took place at the altar!

"Have a Talk With God" is one of Stevie Wonder's music tracks. This beautifully crafted track is a testimony to the fact that the 22 Grammy Awards winner, Stevie Wonder, and his songwriting collaborator mother, Lula hardaway, had an altar where they talked with God regularly.

The journey to becoming a great teacher for our children begins with building an altar in the home where we talk with God regularly. The altar is where divinity interacts with humanity to facilitate a transformation. It is the meeting point between creation and The Creator. At the altar, there is an interaction in which God's grace is revealed through His word resulting in the gradual transformation of the creation into the image of The Creator from glory to glory on a daily basis. As the DNA in the nucleus of a cell contains the hereditary information that controls the growth and reproduction of the entire cell, so does the spoken word of God at the altar carry revelation information of God's grace that influences spiritual growth and facilitates a productive family where megastars thrive. At the altar, we behold the revelation information of God's glory through His word and are gradually transformed into a source of pride for our children.

Every home needs an altar. Every little time spent at the home's altar with the greatest teacher Himself, The Creator, can gradually transform the most unrefined parent into great, loving compassionate and fearless teachers. Yes, and it does transform in a way we may never fully comprehend. Even as busy parents, it is possible to build an altar of fellowship with God in our homes where, our children begin from cradle to interact with the transforming power of the word of God on a regular basis, receive the revelation information of God's grace through His word, and having been transformed, go out to manifest excellence in their academics.

Although, being a great teacher for our children does not come easy because it may require sacrifices like spending most of your precious sleep time at the home's altar, taking time out of your busy schedule to attend a chess competition in that child's school or spending your hard earned money in hiring the best hands to help that child discover and develop latent academic or non-academic skills, the end result is always a wonder child who can proudly say, "Mama was my greatest teacher."

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