Ten Commandments of Mathematics

By Bright Ituh

1. Thou shall remember to keep a rough sheet handy when solving mathematical problems.

2. Thou shall honour the correct order of operations when solving mathematical problems.

3. Thou shall do unto one side of the equation what thou doest to the other.

4. Thou shall honour thy Maths teacher and love thy fellow Maths student as thyself.

5. Thou shall have no other books besides your Maths books in a Mathematics class.

6. Thou shall dedicate a fraction of each day's time to solving Maths questions.

7. Thou shall remember to do your Maths assignments regularly and to devote yourself wholly to it when its time to do so.

8. Thou shall commit your multiplication facts to memory.

9. Thou shall remember to double-check thy sums before submission.

10. Thou shall not say I can't but always say I'll try.

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